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The company of Ewald Hildebrandt was founded in 1950 in Bochum-Wattenscheid. In the beginning the company fabricated and sold safety shoes and workman’s boots for miners as well as shoes for bathing purposes.

Since 1954 Ewald Hildebrandt GmbH & Co KG –  the EHA Factory – has been producing as first enterprise the EHA mat – a floor grating of plastic material (PVC) for moist and wet barefoot areas. At that time EHA mats of plastic constituted an alternative and were superior to the wooden gratings then in common use due to being much more safe, flexibly employed and above all more hygienic.

Since the mid-seventies the company has laid particular production emphasis on manufacturing cover gratings for overflow gutters in swimming pools and baths. Since then the cover gratings have been constantly developed further and enhanced. Nowadays, rollable gratings of various colors, different widths and heights are manufactured for overflow gutters and also for use with oval and round pool forms to suit our customers’ specific requirements. Due to the sometimes very unique needs to be complied with for swimming pools and baths EHA offers to make on-site measurements as well as subsequently mount the cover gratings.

Until the early 80ies the main purchaser of EHA matting had been public and private swimming pools, saunas and the like as well as but to a much lesser extent also industry. In recent years, however, the range of customers has more and more changed. A major part of our customers are now coming from commerce, trade and, increasingly, industry. To enable this range of customers to be served floor coverings have been developed that even more effectively conform to the industrial safety and hygiene regulations prescribed. The materials used are newly produced PVC, recycled PVC, and recycled PE.

Sales partners located everywhere in Germany and Europe provide consultation services for our customers. EHA cover gratings have meanwhile been in use in many countries worldwide.

Moreover, plastic and aluminum cable protectors are produced for use in offices and industrial applications.

Since July 1997 EHA has been certified acc. to DIN EN ISO 9001.

As of 2012 and now in the third generation, the EHA company is under the leadership of Marcus Horsch and Rolf Stiebel. They have made it their aim to carry on operation in the tradition of EHA and simultaneously win over new markets and customers. Since 1964 EHA has been located in the Feldstraße in Bochum-Wattenscheid. On company-own premises totaling 3700 sq m production is performed in 3 factory buildings of approx. 1700 sq m with approx. 160 sq m of office space being additionally available.

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