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EHA – Industrial Gratings

EHA – Industry-type gratings are high-grade recycled PE products. EHA – Industrial gratings provide safety, are ergonomic and counteract slip hazards caused by oil, grease, and chips. EHA – Industrial gratings offer safe and comfortable standing; they are quickly and easily laid and can be easily cleaned. Especially grating type +12 with coarsely structured top surface warrants a very high level of non-slip safety.

Areas of use

Workplaces where slip hazards exist due to chips, shavings, and oil in the processing and manufacturing industry.



Technical data

Standard Width60 to 120 cm
Temperature resistance-30°C to +60°C
Total height18 mm
Weightappr. 6.5 kg/m2
Load bearing capacity190 t/m2
Slip resistanceClassification R11&R12 to DIN 51130

Article numbers

Industrial gratings accessories



Short-side edge profile990309907099032
Long-side edge profile990319907199032
Long-side connectors99036--
Short-side connectors99035--

EHA – Industrial grating +11, Art. No. 91700

Finely structured top surface
Color: grey
Slip resistance classification R11/V10 to DIN 51130

Art. 91760 cm80 cm100 cm120 cm
Special cuts91703917029170191709

EHA – Industrial grating +12, Art. No. 91770

Coarsely structured top surface
Color: black
Slip resistance classification R12/V10 to DIN 51130

Art. 917760 cm80 cm100 cm120 cm
Special cuts91773917729177191779

When ordering, please specify type, length and color preference.