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EHA – Industry-type Cable Protectors

EHA – Industrial cable protectors (bridges) of plastic effectively eliminate trip hazards where bulky tubes, cables, and hoses up to one inch in diameter are laid.

EHA – Industry-type cable protectors do away with trips and protect lines and tubing.

EHA – Industrial cable bridges are of heavy-duty, sturdy design so that they can also be crossed by vehicles.

Areas of use

  • Storage and workshop areas
  • Production spaces


light grey
light grey
black/yellow<br/>safety strips
safety strips

Technical data

MaterialSoft PVC
Length1.5 m
Width200 mm
Height35 mm
Channel size2 x 25 mm
Weight6.8 kg

Article numbers

Color1.5 m set
light grey46720
black/yellow safety strips46022

When ordering, please specify type, length and color preference.